, Welcome to my tiny world. This is Aarthi. Look at my picture !

Am I not cute ? my Mom & Dad says I am the cutest , intelligent & active baby in the world.


When I was in my mom's tummy, I felt so secured, comfort & know nothing than dark. Once in a Blue moon , when my mom yarned ,a bright light of outside world flashed my eyes and from then the curiosity began in my life. I rushed my mom three weeks before her due date and came into this world on July 18th of 2001 .  


Wow ! the World is so beautiful ! On the way to home, I have seen tall buildings, speedy vehicles, beautiful roads, lovely people and of course my loving Mom & Dad with glittery eyes looking at me, their first baby.   


I am so amazed with the changes in the weather. First it was warm, sunny & bright. Suddenly one day I heard a roaring sound and hid behind my Dad. He walked me to the lawn and showed me the beauty of rain. The greenery lawn and colorful trees swinging to the tune of birds. I have seen the rainbow reflections in the icicles over the lawn. I enjoyed the rain, the bliss to the Earth from the God ! As months passed slowly the temperature dropped down and one day while I was in my stroller, soft snow balls tickled my face and when I looked down I saw just white all around. Wow ! It's so goecious ! 


I am so thankful to my Mom & Dad for giving me the opportunity to live in this wonderful World !


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